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May 2016

Application Of Epoxy Reactive Adhesives In Packaging:Patent Analysis

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Our landscape report on “Application of Epoxy Reactive Adhesives in the Field of Packaging” features an in depth screening and analysis of all related granted patents and applications. They are represented in the form of taxonomic nodes.The report is formulated to understand the focus of the patents teaching on epoxy reactive adhesives in a myriad of broad and specific applications like corrugated boards, cups, envelopes, food items and many others. The process of making the adhesive, the materials / joints on which they can be applied in specific, the means of application, the mechanism of action, the product form, and including, other concepts related to the combinations of adhesives for firm bonding, materials or modifiers added to adhesives for improving their properties, and the advantages claimed, are the core aspects of our analysis. 

The report includes patents on technologies underlying “Application of Epoxy Reactive Adhesives in the Field of Packaging” over many decades. In this comprehensive report, we provide an in-depth analysis of all granted patents, as well as, applications listed within a specific/defined or broad period, and their geographical applicability. It also constitutes the information on filing date, publication date, classification, assignee(s), inventor(s), family members, and the legal status of patents.

Who can use the report?
R&D personnel
• Helps in mapping big and small players in the broad spectrum of technology.
• Helps in digging out white spaces that identify technology gaps
• Helps in being cognizant with chronological developments in the technological field.
• Aids in tracking areas of technology that are hotbeds for licensing opportunities
• Rapid familiarization with new technical areas
• Finding alternative technical solutions to a problem

• Helps in knowing the innovative goals of companies, industries, and countries
• Aids in determining strengths and weaknesses of own or any particular company’s patent portfolios 
• Helps in gaining foreknowledge of the competitor's plans, and plan business strategies to countervail their plans
• Spotting new competitors
• Finding workarounds and defense strategies

Legal assessors and representatives
• Filing trends, either for overall number of patents or for particular groupings
• Detection of possible violations of own or third party Intellectual Property Rights

Financial and fiscal assessors and representatives
• Forms the base for evaluation of patents, within the context of accounting and control of organizational resources

1) Excel sheet:
a) Analysis of patents
b) Charts and graphs of bibliographic information, as well as, analyzed data

2) Temporary login of the dashlet with interactive widgets

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