Patent drawings/Illustrations
“Illustrations at the same pace of the innovations.”


Design Drawings

We assist you in crafting illustrations that speaks the innovation.

Design patents are viewed as critical, cost-effective tools for protecting the ornamental features of a product against unlawful imitation.It is said in design patent applications that the “the drawings themselves are treated as claims”, as they visually and precisely define the extent of the novel design.

We assist you with the drawings that comply with patent office requirements during patent filing.It can save time and cost associated with overcoming rejections based on drawings during prosecution stages.


Trade mark drawings

Trademarks are more than intellectual property; they are the cornerstone of corporate identity. However, without accurate and detailed illustrations that clearly depict the product or image’s unique characteristics, trademarks can be difficult to get-and even more difficult to defend.

We assist you in transforming even the most complex trademarks into trademark drawings that reflect the intent of the IP professional. We put considerable attention to detail to clearly delineate the claimed and unclaimed portions.


Utility Drawings

Drawings or diagrams are crafted to correspond to the individual claims of the patent. Specific and varied views may be used to illustrate a problem the invention solves, a particular advantage or a need it fulfills, thereby explaining a new function or how the invention implements that function. Placing an invention in its intended environment can make it more easily understandable, and the drawings themselves can be arranged in such a way that it helps readers to better understand the invention. Plan or elevated views, perspective views, isometric projections, sectional views and exploded views can be used as well.