New product development consulting

Companies leading their industries attribute about half of their revenues to products developed in the most recent five years. By comparison, companies at the bottom of their industries achieve approximately one-tenth of their sales from new products.

The dynamics of markets, technology, and competition have brought changes to virtually every market sector and have made new product development one of the most powerful business activities. The phenomenal changes that constantly impact commerce have forced companies to innovate with increasing speed, efficiency, and quality.

We work with our clients to manage existing product portfolios, develop new products, streamline development processes, identify and capitalize on new market opportunities, and reduce development time and costs.

Our combined capability in business, innovation, clinical, and regulatory understanding will enable us to provide tailored services to support your commercialization process from idea to post-marketing activities.

Research Methodology

Example: Improvement in existing product used for a specific purpose till date

  • Understand the scope of the request/project
  • Identify the challenges experienced by the users
  • Scientific literature study to understand the wide applications and to develop the hypothesis
  • Assessment of the market potential in both global and regional level
  • Perform patent to product mapping of the competitor’s products
  • Pooling out the novelty aspect/dimension of the requestor’s product through several approaches
  • Testing the novel dimension with ideas on various applications
  • Displaying the developed prototype in-front of the users

  • We help the requestor who is exploring the opportunities to patent their technology and we even do it for him by turning his ideas into into a workable invention.