Alerts/Updates/Current awareness
“Monitoring the broader market for new developments that could affect your company, your products and brands, suppliers and distributors.”


Patent watch

Over the past many decades new technologies, in the fields ranging from genetic engineering and nanotechnology to robotics and computer science, have arisen at a pace unprecedented in human development.With an exponential increase in the number of patents being filed and granted, it is important to monitor the newly published granted patents or pending patent applicationsat frequent intervals through relevant official Journals or computer databases.

A regular check :
  • enables you to monitor the patenting activities of others in your particular technical field and to keep abreast of technical developments,
  • enables you to monitor the patenting activities of specific companies or individuals, e.g. competitors,
  • enables you to identify and monitor potential patent infringement risks at an early stage,
  • enables you to identify and monitor other people’s patent applications which you may wish to challenge in opposition,
  • enables to reap out time and money spent on research and development due to the knowledge of the state of the art in a particular technical field.


Assignee/Competitor watch

As the technology and business together create ripples in the global market landscape, even small differences that gives an edge over ones products or services can mean lot in terms of market share.
It is vital for businesses to keep up with their competitors activities, to avoid their risk being caught off-guard or left behind.

Approach :
  • We identify the competitors
  • We keep a continuous watch on their positioning changes
  • We pool out patents in the related/specific technologies and analyze them
  • We pool out information about their products from various sources, including the products in clinical trials
  • We perform patent to product mapping
  • We review the trade shows they participate in
  • We check who they are hiring and firing
  • We create a competitive intelligence report of white papers and webinars
  • Patent Legal status watch:
    We provide services to keep a watch on the legal status of a Competitor’s patent application and accordingly change the R&D and patenting strategy.


Patent prosecution watch

We monitor latest prosecution status of pending patent applications in any technical area of interest.
For our patent monitoring services, we have the option of weekly/monthly and yearly subscription.